Python Wrapper For Windows Debugging Engine


PyDbgEng v0.12 Released on 10/24/09.


Microsoft releases free and powerfull debugging tools for Windows. The packadge includes the well known 'WinDbg' debugger, which, at its core, runs on top the Windows debugging engine - dbgeng.dll.

DbgEng is a powerfull debugger engine. Its features include:

  • user mode debugging
  • kernel mode debugging
  • x86, x64 support
  • soft and hw breakpoints
  • symbol server
  • and more!
  • PyDbgEng is a Python Wrapper For Microsoft Debug Engine.


  • Wrapper for DebugCreate() API which creates IDebugClient COM interface.
  • Easy access to IDebugClient COM interface
  • Easy access to all other DbgEng COM interfaces via IDebugClient.QueryInterface()
  • Easy access to all DbgEng structs and enums.
  • Receive DbgEng events. Currently supported: IDebugEventCallbacks, IDebugOutputCallbacks
  • Applications

    Now that you have a scriptable debugger, here are some of the things you can do:

  • Fault Injection
  • Automatic Executable Unpacking
  • Application Fuzzing
  • Have Fun =)